1. Webinar on 12.12.2012.
    Topic: The methodology of the project – from the needs of employers to the learning outcomes.
  2. Webinar on 16.01.2013.
    Topic: Review of the national qualifications of framework (NQF).
  3. Webinar on 21.02.2013.
    Topic: The discussion of the project’s terminology.
  4. Webinar on 20.03.2013.
    Topic: Approaches to the assessment of learning outcomes. The system of assurance of education’s quality.
  5. Webinar on 27.04.2013
    Topic: Methodology of the Tempus project “INARM”
  6. Webinar on 29.05.2013
    Topic: Factors of forming competitiveness in the field of management /Informatics in the labor market
  7. Webinar on 21.11.2013
    Topic: Роль вузов в создании национальной системы компетенции и квалификаций.
  8. Webinar on 19.12.2013
    Topic: Reflection of learning outcomes (LOs) in educational standards and training programs
  9. Webinar on 16.01.2014
    Topic: Techniques, the online platform for the implementation of dialogue between representatives of academia, business, applicants, students, alumni, and other interested parties.
  10. Webinar on 06.02.2014
    Topic: Methods, tools and technologies for validating of learning outcomes requirements Qualifications Framework.
  11. Webinar on 20.03.2014
    Topic: Experience of organizing cooperation between education and the labor market.
  12. Webinar on 27.11.2014
    Topic: Sectoral Qualification Framework: problems of implementation.
  13. Webinar on 15.04.2015
    Topic: Sectoral Qualifications Framework: Development Platform for stakeholder dialogue.