Webinar on 27.11.2014

Topic: Sectoral Qualification Framework: problems of implementation
Date: Thursday, 27th November 2014
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes 7 seconds

The twelfth webinar within the project INFORMATICS AND MANAGEMENT: BOLOGNA-STYLE QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORKS (INARM) was held on November 27, 2014. The webinar conducted by Svetlana Khapaeva Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities.


INARM Project: Webinar on 27.11.2014 from Tempus Websites on Vimeo.



List of Presentations
1. On the design of the national system of competences and qualifications in ICT
Vasiliy Tikhomirov, Docent, vice-dean for methodology and training, CMC-MSU
Alexander Razgulin, professor, vice-dean for international relations, CMC-MSU

2. International Educational Center as an effective tool of interaction of universities and IT companies
Sergey Kovalchuk, Director of the center of parallel computing Khmelnitsky National University, Associate Professor of Information Technology Design, Director international student contest on CAD and computer modeling in machine building

3. Updating of the main IT educational programs on the basis of a Sectoral Qualification Framework
Irina Kharitonova, Candidate of Sciences in Technics, Head of the department”Applied mathematics and informatics” Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E.Alekseev

4. Labor Market: Realities and Prospects
Olga Grosheva, Department of Labor and Employment of Samara Region
Irina Kuznetsova, Samara State Technical University