Webinar on 12.12.2012

Topic: The methodology of the project – from the needs of employers to the learning outcomes
Date: Wednesday, 12th December 2012
Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes 51 seconds

The first webinar within the project INFORMATICS AND MANAGEMENT: BOLOGNA-STYLE QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORKS (INARM) was held on December 12, 2012. The webinar conducted by Svetlana Khapaeva Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities. Experts from Armenia, Austria, Russia, Germany and Ukraine participated in the webinar.


INARM Project: Webinar on 12.12.2012 from Tempus Websites on Vimeo.



List of Presentations
1. „Methodology of the project: from requests of employers to the learning outcomes“
-> Input from WUS Austria

Veronika Nitsche, Dept. Executive Director

2. Conception for realization of effective interaction between Samara State Technical University school of management and regional employers
Anna Bykova, The Samara State Technical University

3. Formation of the competences of graduates GUU in “Management” in accordance with the needs of employers (for example, IT-competence)
Elena Vasilieva Ph.D., Associate Professor of Information Systems GUU, Head Examination Center Cambridge IT Certification Center (SUM-Cambridge)

4. Rules of the site of the project INARM
Olexiy Lashyn

5. Information technology – the requirements of employers and harmonization of approaches to the learning process
Sergey Sergeev Ph.D., Head of the “Physics and Electrical Engineering,” the NSTU.

6. Problem issues and Solutions for Contradictions in the System «University – Labour Market – Employer
Aleksandr Telizhenko professor, Head of the Chair of Management

7. The creation and development of the classical system of IT education in a competence model of the labor market
Vladimir Sukhomlin, prof. Moscow State Lomonosov University