Coordination Meeting and Workshop in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 30 June – 4 July, 2014


A five-day Coordination Meeting and workshop of INARM project took place in the premises of a project partner Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) from the 30th June to 4th of July, 2014.

Title: Harmonization of methodologies and tools for the creation and application sectoral qualifications frameworks


Day 1 Monday, 30th June 2014
Arrival of the participants, accommodation


Day 2 Tuesday, 1st July 2014
9:00-9:30 Breakfast, dining room of NSTU
 10:00–10:30 Opening of the Meeting

Welcome addresses:
Sergei Dmitriev – Rector, NSTU
Nikolai Babanov – Vice-Rector, NSTU
Serge Chernyshenko – professor, University of Koblenz-Landau

10:30–11:30 Directions and perspectives works on the project
Serge Chernyshenko
Student centered approach
Veronika Nitsche
11:30-12:00 Coffee break
12:00–13:00 Bologna process and qualification framework: the role of the University Press
Stefania Celli Lazzari
13:00–14:00 Lunch
14:00–17:00 Sightseeing tour of Nizhny Novgorod
18:00-19:00 Departure for sports complex “Zhdanovets”
19:30 Dinner


Day 3 Wednesday, 2nd July 2014
9:00–9:30 Breakfast
10:00–11:30 The project sectoral qualifications frameworks “Management”
Elena Mitrofanova

Logic circuit construction qualifications framework in the field of “Informatics”
Nadezhda Volpian

11:30–12:00 Coffee break
12:00–14:00 Application of the methodology for the qualification framework for a limited group of labor functions in the field of IT
Irina Kharitonova

Actualization of qualifications frameworks based on dialogue with stakeholders
Ruben Aghgashyan, Gevorg Margarov, Elena Mitrofanova

Presentation of the results of training in the database in accordance with the CS2013
Vsevolod Chernyshenko

14:00–15:00 Lunch
15:00–16:30 1. Workshop: Reports of Russian partners
− Lomonosov Moscow State University
− State University of Management
− Moscow State Humanitarian University
− Samara State Technical University
− Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University

2. Workshop: Reports of Ukrainian partners
− National Mining University

3. Workshop: Reports of Armenian partners
− Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University
− State Engineerind University of Armenia
− Vanadzor Branch of State Engineerind University of Armenia

16:30–18:00 Coordination meeting: definition of directions of work.
19:00 Gala dinner


Day 4 Thursday, 3rd July 2014
9:00–9:30 Breakfast
10:00–11:00 Discussion of the results of the project monitoring
Vasiliy Tikhomirov, Serge Chernyshenko
Coordination structures qualifications frameworks of countries participating in the project “INARM”. Discussion
11:00–11:20 Coffee break
12:00–16:00 Excursion to the Gorodets city
16:00–17:00 Lunch
17:30 Departure to the Nizhny Novgorod


Day 5 Friday, 4th July 2014
Departure of participants